Oct 10, 2009

just got published

What you see above is a comment made by a friend from Cagayan (I met her through Kumon). And she was talking about a blog post of mine that was published in Aspire, the official newsletter/magazine of Kumon Philippines, just this month. You read it right, my dear, I just got published—nationwide.

Two months ago, I received an e-mail from the Kumon head office asking for permission to have my blog post about the KCC published. Without hesitation, I said yes. It still makes me wonder how they found out about my blog in Livejournal, though. And I’m still kind of shocked since that post was badly written. Oh well. Moving on, after a few weeks, I received another e-mail along with a media release form. That was when I realized something—Kumon was serious about it.

So now, after studying a little bit for our Philosophy exam on Monday and having my heart broken by someone, I received good news from a friend. I’ve officially been published! Yay me!

And just when I was about to start typing this blog post, the deafening sound of silence was broken. There were fireworks! Yes, fireworks! Outside, in Paco Park, a wedding reception was being held and they had a display (Paco Park can directly be seen through the window at the foot of my bed). Really, it was amazing…just amazing. The timing couldn’t have been better.

That was just what I needed. After having such a lousy day, I needed something to cheer me up and prepare me for tomorrow’s butt-kicking. Now I can go to sleep with a smile on my face.

By the way, thank you, Nicko for your help. That part sounds kind of weird for me, though. O_O


Erine.♥ said...

Who the hell broke you heart, dear? Papatayin na ba natin? :))

Anyways, congrats :)

Joyce said...

@philophobiac- Wag natin siya patayin. I can't live without him. :))

Thanks. :D

Alyzza said...

Wow, congratulations!

I envy you. I want to watch fireworks.

Wag natin siya patayin. I can't live without him.

Aww. But sometimes, we really do want to kill them. =))

Joyce said...

@Nemesis- Thanks. :)

Go to MOA. They have fireworks on weekends. :)

I know, right? But we love them so much so we can't. :))

Anonymous said...

word verification: trolimm

Alyzza: the fireworks is pyromusical, so get at the music hall by 7:30. always happens during fridays and saturdays!


Parang 'Please don't leave me' ang theme song.I can cut you into pieces...

Hey, though you consider it weird, thanks for mentioning. :D

Alyzza said...

@the terminator We love them so much so we can't. :)

@pyrotechnics Okay. I'll keep that in mind just in case I happen to be at the MOA.

effie said...

okay, i'm lost. am i missing something here?

btw, congratulations! :D i want to read your article too. :DDD

Joyce said...

@Effie- Haha.No, you're not missing anything here. It was just me--overreacting. Thanks. :)