Mar 21, 2010

indifferent no more

It was a fateful night.
It proved me wrong.
I did miss you, and I still do.

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Mar 11, 2010

IT just happened to me

According to a lot of my UP Manila seniors, IT is normal. IT happens to everybody in our campus, and IT will happen to me. I hate to admit it, but they’re right. In fact, IT happened to me just this afternoon.

I was on my way to school using my usual route. Normally, I just walk along Taft Avenue from Padre Faura to Pedro Gil. I’ve gotten so used to this route that I have almost memorized most of the stalls along Taft. Moving on, when I was a few meters away from the gate, IT happened.

It all happened so fast. I was just walking toward school and minding my own business. The next thing I knew, a guy was in front of me and he placed his grubby hand on my necklace as if trying to snatch it! I gave out a loud and ‘awkward’ scream (I had tonsillitis). Then he suddenly walked off like nothing happened. I was just…dazed. I didn’t have the will to run after him or anything. I was trembling. I just checked to see if my necklace was still there. And yes, it was. It was broken though because of that stupid snatcher’s pull. I quickly looked for the pendant, but it wasn’t hanging from the chain anymore.

A stranger approached me and asked me what the snatcher managed to take from me. I told him I lost my pendant. And then he muttered something as if to make me feel better, but I was too dazed to comprehend anything. I just ignored him, and quickly walked inside the safe confines of my school.

I tried to find my block mates. I found them in our tambayan, exchanging knock knock jokes. With my poor necklace in hand, I approached them. But I didn’t feel like telling them what just happened. I wanted my crew (Erin, Erine, and Audrei) to be the first ones to know. So after listening to one of Danj’s knock knock jokes, I left our tambayan. I went inside our college. I first went inside the restroom. And sorry for sharing this, but I looked inside my shirt to see if the pendant managed to fall inside of my you-know-what. And it was there!! Hooray! Long live the person who invented special undergarments for females!

I was somehow relieved, but still shocked.

I went upstairs. There I found Erine and Audrei. Finally, I had the power to tell my shocking story.

Shortly after that, I called Ken and informed him. After telling him everything, I greeted him, “Happy Monthsary!!” He greeted me back. And then we both realized how ironic it was.

Looking at the bright side, at least I didn’t really lose my necklace AND I didn’t get hurt. I never thought it would happen to me, though. I had so much faith in my vigilance. But this day was an exception, I guess. I had fever and was suffering from another drug overdose (Thank you, Erythromycin). If I were fit enough then, I could have kicked that guy where it would hurt him the most.

Mar 7, 2010


I feel…indifferent

About a year ago, I posted something in my blog in Multiply. It was no ordinary post for it was rather expressive of my wants to leave high school and ditch a lot of people. I even made a pact to never come back, and except for that one time when I really HAD to go, I never broke that rule. I stayed away from that place as much as I could. I thought I had posted something like that because I was…tired of everything.

But now that almost a year has gone past me, I still feel the same. Wait, no. I no longer feel that way, because I feel indifferent. Yes, very indifferent. Back then, I was itching to leave because I was truly annoyed. Now, I am just glad to be out of that place. My assumptions were right, I AM happier now.

College has changed me a lot. From the way I dress to the way I speak. From how I write to how I highlight texts while reviewing. Almost everything has changed.

So why am I blogging about this now?

Because just last week came the realization, I am not missing anything. This may sound so cold, but I’m just being honest. No, I have not forgotten about the past. I still hold memories dear, and I still cherish all the friendships made back then. It’s just that I don’t feel the same anymore. Maybe it’s just because of the toxicity of school or something else. I really don’t know. I think it’s just how it should be. I have grown, and I have flown somewhere else.