Jul 30, 2011


So finally, I decided to cut my hair short. First, I wanted to do this because it would be easier for me to tie short hair into a bun for our duty days instead of my usual thick and long hair. Second, I just want to feel...carefree. Thank God for all the positive feedback I got from people around me. I'm really enjoying my new hair. It may be messy MOST of the time, but it suits me well. I feel great with my hair. It's more like ME now. I don't need to maintain it so much, since I don't really care anymore. I'm happier, too. To hell with expensive hair treatments. I don't need straight hair to feel beautiful. Hahaha. There, I'm keeping it short and wavy. 


So far, it’s been taxing.

What sets apart BS Nursing from other undergraduate courses is the degree of stress it puts on the students. What sets apart BS Nursing in UP Manila from those in other schools is that, well, everything is harder---and faster.

We’ve only just begun. Lord, please help me.  

Jul 28, 2011

My New Baby

The obligatory self-pic. Hehe. ;)