Oct 7, 2009

for the people I miss

minsan ay hindi ko na alam ang nangyayari
kahit na anong gawin
lahat ng bagay ay merong hangganan
dahil ngayon tayo ay nilimot ng kahapon
di na mapipilitang buhayin ang ating pinagsamahan
ngunit kung sakaling mapadaan baka
ikaw ay aking tawagan
dahil minsan tayo ay naging

tunay na magkaibigan

-from Minsan by The Eraserheads

I miss you, guys.


Anonymous said...

word verification: rumlerst

gee, how i wish i'm included. am i?

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- Of course you are. :)

effie said...

i miss you too. :'|

Alyzza said...

Waa! I remember when Daryl and Nico used to practice this because they were planning to perform this during the Grad Ball. And we would sing with Nico and think of back of those happy days. I even told them that a lot of people would cry if they perform the song.

Anyway, I miss you too! And hey, the term break is coming! :)

Joyce said...

@Effie- :c

@Alyzza- Yeah, this is a very touching song.

Yay! I'll drop by your house and spend my break there. :)) Just kidding!

Alyzza said...

Hey, that's possible. Haha. My sister won't be here because she will be having no break, lol. Or maybe we can have a sleepover somewhere instead?

Joyce said...

@Nemesis- Sure. Let's have a sleepover! :D

Anonymous said...

word verification: aumylyt

Wow. Thanks! It made fireworks explode.

Let's hog Miguel so that he'll give a post-birthday blowout!

Joyce said...

@Pyrotechnics- Yeah, free food is all I need right now. :))