Oct 11, 2009

a day of epic failure

We went to UP Diliman today for our Phil. Games finals. And well…just continue reading.

Epic fail # 1

As soon as the four of us, Ella, Maan, Ace, and I, got off the bus in Philcoa, we immediately looked for the UP Ikot terminal. We knew very well where it was situated so we wasted no time and went straight to that place. When we got there, we fell in line behind one of the jeeps. Then this guy who looked like a jeepney driver suddenly told us that we were in the wrong place and that we had to go back to where we came from to be able to ride a jeep. Surprised, we went back where the bus dropped us off. And right at that moment, there was an Ikot jeep being loaded. The barker called us and said we would still fit inside, so we got inside it. The barker was wrong. It was already stuffed! The passengers were already like sardines in a can. Maan had to squeeze herself between two people to rest a fraction of her butt on the seat. Then we realized how gullible and innocent we were.

Epic fail # 2

When we got to Palma Hall, my bladder was acting up. I had to pee! I asked my friends to go with me to the restroom since I knew nothing about the restrooms of Palma Hall. One of my friends said she knew the way to the restroom so we followed her. We walked past the guards and went straight to the stairs leading to the second floor of the building when the guards called our attention. One of the guards shouted at us, “Bawal diyan!” Everyone in the lobby turned their heads to stare at us. It was really, really awkward and embarrassing. We just had to settle for the restroom in the first floor. And hell, it was crowded!

Epic fail # 3

Last week, I suggested having our face painted with some face paint to show our team spirit. And well, somebody took it literally and showed up with face paint in different colors. Unfortunately, nobody was willing to have his or her face painted on—except Ella. Just look at the picture, you’ll get the point. (Peace, Ella!)

Epic fail # 4

Sure, we were informed about the cheering contest, but we never took it seriously. We thought it would be just a matter of whose team makes the loudest sound. But we were wrong…so wrong.

When we were all gathered in front of the stage, one of the professors announced that we would be having the cheering contest first and that it would start in five minutes. Only then did we realize that it was a serious thing because there were judges and other stuff. With only five minutes to cram and think of a decent cheer for our team, we were panicking. We just decided to spell the words Nursing and Fab (our section in PE) and do some other weird things. We even asked Danj to dance Nobody for us. I suggested shouting ‘Awoo Awoo’, but nobody took it seriously. (Too bad) And in the last minute, one of us suggested doing the overused ‘cheering’ entrance (you know, the one cheering squads always use) with our raised flags and fake smiles while running toward the center. We thought it was a good idea, so we agreed to do it. And then…

When our team was called, we did our so-called ‘cheering’ entrance energetically. But as soon as we started running toward the center, we realized something—we were sinking.

Little did we know that the mud in that part of the garden was so deep until we were there, sinking. The team beside us was laughing at us because we were all looking down at our feet and saying “Wah!” “Oh my God!” “Ay ****!” and our entrance was completely ruined. Really, we all looked wobbly and weird. We had no choice but to continue what we started. So in spite of having our feet swallowed by the earth, we went on with our cheer and basked in the light of humiliation. O_O

In the end, the orange team won since they did the “Awoo Awoo” cheer. (I told you, guys)

Epic fail # 5

I got signed up to play Halo-Halo—a very sadistic game. It required us to walk on coconut husks that served as a bridge, jump rope five times, complete three turns using the hula hoop, jump over a waist-high line, go under a foot-high line without touching it, do the helicopter spin, and go back to all those obstacles like a drunkard. It was really, really tiring! I had no choice, though. It was either that or the centipede race. Ella almost fainted in the centipede race. And one girl, from the other team, looked…violated.

By the way, we lost in all of the games.

Epic fail # 6

After all the games were over, the winners were announced. Guess what, we were included in the Top Ten! We ranked 10th!

Note: There were only 11 teams. O_O

Epic fail # 7

So after the announcements, we quickly went back to Palma Hall to change our clothes. I really HAD to since my jogging pants were as muddy as my shoes were and my t-shirt was wet with sweat. After that, and 30 minutes of picture taking, we rode a jeep that would take us to Trinoma.

All of us assumed that we only had to pay seven pesos for the ride to Trinoma. Again, we were all wrong. Ella and I shared with my 20 pesos while the rest had it collectively. After all of us had paid, Ella and I were bugging the driver for our change. But he acted like he couldn’t hear us, so we just gave up. Then, he talked to my other block mates and told them that their payment wasn’t enough. He then told us that the fare was ten pesos each and not seven. So that was why I didn’t get my change. The rest of us then added more to what they had already given to the driver. Things got even more confusing. The other passengers even had to butt in. It was really obvious that we weren’t from that area.

And yeah, we missed Trinoma. We only realized that we were there when we got past it. We had to walk—a lot.

By the way, the granola bar I was eating while walking (thanks, Erika) split in half and fell to the ground. :c

Epic fail # 8

When we got to Trinoma, we had to split up since our group was too big to be accommodated. Every place was too crowded when we got there. Ella, Mark, Maan, and I stuck together and went to Kenny. After eating, we went to the MRT station to figure out a way to go back to Manila. When we got there, the guard shooed us. He ordered us to go to the other side, so we did. And when we got there, we found out that the station was jam-packed with people. We had to leave and find another way to go back home. We ended up walking a very long distance.

Epic fail # 9

So after walking a very long distance, we found out a way to go home! We rode a jeep that would take us to Kalaw. Mark asked the driver about the fare, and after hearing his response, we paid. And then, when the driver returned Ella and Maan’s change, we realized that we heard his response wrong. I had to add another ten pesos since what I thought was eight pesos turned out to be 18. O_O

Epic fail # 10

When the jeep got to Kalaw, Maan and I still didn’t know where to go so we asked the driver. He told as that we should go to the other side and wait for another jeep. Maan and I directly headed out of the jeep. The driver stopped us. It was the wrong place to get off.

Epic fail # 11

Maan and I were able to get off the RIGHT place, but we couldn’t help feeling a bit lost. We both haven’t seen the place before, and the jeeps going past us were all too unfamiliar. Again, we had to ask someone for directions. We were then told that those unfamiliar jeeps would take us to Padre Faura and Pedro Gil, so we got in one. However, the Padre Faura they were talking about was too far from ‘my’ Padre Faura. I got off anyway and said goodbye to Maan who was on her way to Pedro Gil. I had no choice but to walk and walk until I reached Astral Tower. It was a LONG walk.

I went straight to KFC to buy a Krusher.

When I arrived home, I relayed some of my experiences to my roommate, took of my muddy shoes, changed clothes, washed my face, and turned my laptop on.

This day may have been a day of epic failure, but, so far, it is one of the happiest days in my college life. Not only did I get to bond with my block mates, but I was also able to meet up with some of the people I miss—my high school friends. I’m just so glad that Alyzza, Tolits, and Norlan had the time to go to UP Diliman despite of it being a Sunday. It was fun sharing my stories with them and hearing theirs. And yeah, I’d like to thank Norlan for the ice cream. :) Thank you so much, guys. :)

Also, I’d like to thank Ella, Maan, and Mark. Our adventure was really, really tiring…but fun! Erin, thanks for being our official photographer. *Hug* If there’s something I can do for you in return, just tell me. :)

That’s all. I have to study for our Philosophy test tomorrow. O_O Just click here for more pictures. :)


Alyzza said...

Aw. It's really very easy to get lost around UPD and Quezon City. Talk about confusing loading and unloading areas, jeepney routes, jeepney fares (we were used to pay 7PhP), restrooms in Palma Hall (the female restrooms are located at the left side of the hall, the male restrooms are at the right and I don't know why) and the like.

How far did you have to walk to get back to Trinoma? Good thing you didn't reach SM Fairview, lol. Believe me, SM Fairview is a very distant place.

About our presence, it's really not a big deal. Your timing is actually good because Tolits took me to a play last Saturday night, so I took him to your PE finals the next morning in return. And it was July 27 (Harvey's birthday) the last time I saw you, I really missed you! *HUG*

And, ODK! I looked wasted. Thanks a lot to Baga who made us sleep at their doorstep. We could have been mistaken as drug addicts if we weren't wearing decent clothes.

bluedolphin said...

Joyce! I love your post so much! Haha. Yes, this day will always be memorable. Thanks for the day, too. I had fun all day despite the epic failures. It's amazing how the seemingly worst days can actually make us happy. I guess that's good. Haha. :) Hug!

Aina ♥ said...

LOL. This is so funny Ate Joyce, especially your entrance for the cheering. Wahaha! My mother thought I was crazy because I was laughing alone. At least you were in the top ten, right? Right? *wiggles eyebrows*

Anonymous said...

word verification: butomena

Talk about too many epic fails. 11 of them!

Coincidentally, I thought of how to get to Buendia (LRT) from Trinoma all the while I became so bored earlier waiting in La Salle. So, I thought of taking that MRT until Cubao, change to the Purple line until Recto, then lastly shift to Doroteo Jose to Buendia.

Too bad I just talked about it now.

Joyce said...

@Nemesis- I know. We learned it the hard way. O_O

Not THAT far, but it was quite far. And luckily, we didn't reach SM Fairview.

Awww. I really missed you too! *HUG* Thanks again for coming. :D

No, you didn't look wasted. :) You mean you're not a drug addict?! :)) I thought you were. :)) Just kidding. :D

Joyce said...

@bluedolphin- Awww.Thanks. :)

No problem, Ella. :)

Yeah, instead of crying over our failures and feeling bad about them, we just laughed and laughed! :D

Joyce said...

@aina- Haha.Thanks. :) Yeah, at least we were in the top ten! :)) We were awesome! :))

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- Yeah, 11 of them.O_O

Well, we knew how to get to Manila using the MRT and LRT. We just didn't because the MRT was too crowded. O_O

And Buendia is quite far. Dropping off at UN or Pedro Gil would be a lot better if you're going to our area. :)

Anonymous said...

word verification: crudano

I know Pedro Gil would be a lot nearer. I was just thinking of that as a strategy to go mall-hopping. I wonder what it would be like if I wanted to go to MOA.

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- If you want to go to MOA, drop off at the Buendia station. There you'll see a terminal of yellow jeeps. They'll take you directly to MOA. :D

Anonymous said...

word verification: serings

@terminator - yeah. the small ones? now i know na dun pala talaga terminal nila. nagtaka nga ako kung saan nanggaling yung mga yun.

Joyce said...

@Pyrotechnics- Yeah, the small ones. The cute yellow ones. :)) They're not so cute though once you get inside. O_O