Sep 26, 2009

what I saw on my way to KFC

Because of the Nurcessism (something I have yet to blog about) last night, I didn’t go back home to Muntinlupa. I’m currently here in Manila, and I’m stranded due to the stormy weather. And right now, I’m running short of food so I need to go out to buy some. I went to KFC for lunch since it’s the nearest. When I got to the entrance of Manila Astral Tower on my way out, this is what I saw:

So talk about being stranded here. Oh well, I'll just use my time to study for our test in Sociology on Tuesday. Happy weekend, guys. :)

Sorry. I just wanted to include this. :))

Sep 21, 2009

one liner

Love of my life, you've hurt me.

Sep 17, 2009

in my life

I never thought I’d watch this movie, but I guess I just did.

I got home early from school because we got dismissed early in Philosophy which was our last class for the day. I went home immediately to finish reading The Orange Girl and finally start reading The Lovely Bones. As I was in the middle of reading the first chapter of the latter, Bless came in my room and asked me if I wanted to go out and catch a flick. I said yes. And that was how I watched the movie I never ever thought I’d watch.

I got dressed in an instant. I had nothing else to wear so I wore shorts and my trusty blue long-sleeved shirt with stripes plus my glittered white mary janes. In a few minutes, Bless and I were walking to Robinson’s. I asked her what movie she wanted to watch. She told me about this movie whose title I can’t remember by now. All I remember about it is that it’s a chick flick. O_O

When we got to the mall, we found out that the ‘chick flick’ Bless had told me before was still not shown in the cinemas there. We had no choice but to settle for another film. So we were picking between The Grudge 3 and In My Life. Okay, so our choices sucked and maybe you guys think we should’ve automatically chosen, without even thinking, The Grudge 3. But I’m sorry to say that we did NOT choose the horror film. Instead, we chose to watch the film about gay men. It was a really hard decision to make.

Before going in the theater, we ran around the mall to run an errand and buy some food to consume while watching gay men grope each other. We bought burgers from Hot Shots and went back to cinema 3 to witness a one of a kind film.

When we got in, we were surprised by how many people were there. We had to go to the highest seats to be seated because the theater was packed with people. I guess a lot of Filipinos DO want to watch gay men groping each other. Oh well, you’ll never understand how the human mind works.

So I’ve grown fond of putting conversations in my posts. If you have a problem with it, close the window and curse yourself for being such a loser. And if you don’t, keep on reading.

While looking for seats…

Joyce: Ang daming tao.

Bless: Oo nga. OMG, MAY MGA MADRE!!

I looked for the nuns, and then it hit me. THEY WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. All three nuns were looking at us. I just laughed it out and continued walking toward the upper seats away from the nuns who, I think, had heard Bless shout.

The movie was fine, but my focus was on eating my burger. It was really delicious. It was a really large one with loads and loads of stuff in between the buns (So much for being on a diet). Going back to the movie, it was good since it was a mix of comedy and drama—and some shocking moments. Bless cried A LOT. I just laughed at her (Sorry, Bless). I kind of liked the movie. John Lloyd, Luis and Vilma all did a great job.

My favorite part of the movie:

Luis Manzano was pouring out his sentiments to Vilma Santos (with tears and all)…

Luis: Nung naging salutatorian ako, you were not satisfied.

Vilma: Kasi alam kong kaya mong maging valedictorian.

Luis: Pati nung pumasa ako sa La Salle…You were not contented…sinabi mo, “Dapat UP.”

The audience cheered. :))

After the movie, we went to the department store because Bless had to buy something. On our way around the mall, I remembered the awkward moment we had with the nuns.

Joyce: Nakakatawa ka talaga.

Bless: Bakit?

Joyce: Sabi mo kaya kanina, “OMG,MAY MGA MADRE!!”

As I reenacted how Bless reacted inside the theater, out of nowhere, THE THREE NUNS CROSSED OUR PATH! Now that was freaky. We just laughed and laughed.

After that, we went to the Mini Stop branch near the mall’s entrance. I bought an ice cream cone. Yay me.

We walked home after that. We got home at around 9:30 p.m.

So this post is pretty much sabaw because of a lot of different reasons. By the way, I almost forgot to tell you what happened to our debate. I’ll just tell you this. We lost in the same way we won prior to that.

It was a really fun night. Thank you, Bless. :)

Sep 12, 2009

the d(eb)ate

The past few weeks were really toxic for me. With all the exams and activities, I had no more time for a much needed R and R or, in other words, detoxification. So now that I’ve gone past some of the obstacles, I found it appropriate to give myself a break. And of course, it was also for celebrating a special day that you guys probably know of by now. But what happened in my ‘detoxification’ isn’t the only thing this post is going to be about. There were two major happenings today. So let’s get moving. Let’s start with the first one.


Okay, so the agony was prolonged because the debate was postponed. So instead of facing our fears last Wednesday, we had to face it today.

Actually, we were in danger—at first. It was because Ella was caught in a traffic jam in Cavite. For us to be validated, we needed to have at least 4 members of the team in the venue at the start of the contest. Ella was going to be late! So she contacted Erika, our substitute debater, to come and fill her spot until she arrived at the venue. But later on, Erika was stuck in a traffic jam as well! There were only three of us in the venue and it was already a few minutes before the start of the contest. Luckily, it got delayed because of ‘technical’ difficulties, and both Erika and Ella were able to catch up.

At 2:00, we were all asked to go inside room 308, the venue for the debate. The other contestants were there as well and were really busy revising and preparing their speeches, and that’s when I started getting nervous.

After introductions and other stuff, we moved on to the first match involving Biochemistry Block 11 and Nursing Block 25—us. The facilitator asked us to come in front and be seated. There were seats arranged for the debaters already so we took our seats in order. I took the first seat because I was the opposition leader. By then, our opponents still haven’t arrived. So for formality’s sake, they asked us to wait for five minutes. Because according to the rules, if our opponent still didn’t arrive within five minutes, we’d win by default. So we sat there and waited. And after five minutes that seemed like forever, our opponents still didn’t show up. Our team was declared the winner for the first match! Okay, so it was by default. But at least we still won. FYI, luck is a skill. The audience still applauded for us and shouted, “Ang galing niyo! Congrats!”

After being declared the winner, we went back to our seats in the audience. There was a ten-minute break before the second match, so we just talked about our luck. Later on, I asked for permission to leave since I had other plans for the afternoon. ;)


Because of the Depex yesterday, Ken and I weren’t able to properly celebrate our special day. So we just celebrated today.

After the debate, I went back to Astral and got dressed for my date with Ken. Later on, we met in front of Astral and went straight to the Mall of Asia.

We already had plans for this day since March. We already had objectives:

To eat pasta from Pizza hut

To eat the fondue from Haagen-Dazs

To buy donuts from Krispy Kreme

Luckily, we were able to accomplish the first two (see pictures for proof). We couldn’t accomplish the third one since we were too FULL and were already broke by the time we had accomplished the first two. Only one word can describe all that we ate—DELICIOUS.

In between accomplishing our objectives, we walked around the mall. But that was it. We just looked around because we were saving our money to eat more and more. You see, food is one of the things that keep us together.

During our stay in Pizza Hut, we gave each other our presents. My present for him was a watch from Timex plus a greeting card. His present, or should I say presents, for me were two books I’ve always wanted and a custom made purity ring. He had a pair of purity rings for us with ‘true love waits’ engraved on them made from Silverworks. I think it’s just sweet that he insisted on having purity rings made. It just proves that there are still men in this world who believe that we should all wait until after marriage.

On our way out of MOA, we passed by the wishing fountain near the entrance. I pulled him toward it and pulled out coins from my coin purse and handed him one. When I was about to throw my coin…

Ken: Teka, anong wish mo?

Joyce: Good grades!

Ken: *glares at me* Hindi nga?

Joyce: E di ano na lang, for more years to come... Ay hindi, for us to last forever na lang.

Ken: Sige.

Joyce: Forever...*throws coin*

Ken: Forever... *throws coin*

We left the mall soon after that.

When we got to Astral, I took Ken to the rooftop where we looked at the city lights. It was raining then so we had to take umbrellas with us.

Later on, he went home. And that’s how our date ended.

This day has been really fun and full of surprises. After having such an unfortunate one yesterday, I think I really deserve this.

This is all for today. I need to rest…badly.

Click here for more pictures. :)