Nov 7, 2010

to Platypus

Dear Platypus (a.k.a. Effie Ignacio),

Happy birthday! I still can’t believe it, though, when you said it was your 18th birthday. I honestly thought it was your 36th or something. Oh well, I’m going to let you off the hook this time. It’s YOUR birthday anyway, not mine. You can lie all you want. HAHA. Moving on, I’m obviously dedicating this blog post to you and only you because I didn’t have the chance to hand you the letter I wrote just for you last Saturday. And I’m actually grateful that I didn’t. It was a very crappy letter. So now that my head has finally cleared up of all of those things I’ve been watching this sembreak, I can finally give you a better message. And I’m posting it here for all to see.

I remember how I was back then before I met you. I was a nice girl who minded her own business. Yeah, I was pretty shy as well. I was only outspoken around a few people whom I considered as friends. I even got bullied back then because I was too nice (Yup, it’s really hard to imagine). I was just too contained, and fighting back wasn’t really my thing. My appetite was a lot, lot smaller then, as well. I was like that for a while. Until one fateful day in Grade 3 when you became my seatmate.

It was okay in the beginning, we were just typical seatmates who just talked and checked each other’s works. Then eventually we became friends. And the next thing I knew, we were at the school gym making these weird noises while chasing away our classmates. In addition to that, we were holding our skirts up exposing our shorts to the world. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I still can’t believe we did that. Still, it’s a sign that you, Platypus, actually played a big part in making me into who I am today. And I am thanking you for that.

Because of you, I finally had the courage to say what’s on my mind. I had the courage to stand up to people. I had the courage to do the things I really wanted to do even though it seemed crazy to other people. And together, we were invincible.

We’ve been through a lot together. We’ve had fights and squabbles over the craziest things. We’ve had the weirdest bonding moments like having a large pizza all to ourselves. And now that you’re 18, I can’t be any prouder. You’ve become such a strong person who can go past any obstacle. You’ve become a better you, and I know that you’ll just keep getting better and better as the years pass. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out. And I’m just so glad that you let me be part of your life.

And although we don’t see each other often, I still hope that we remain as we are. There’s always a time for everything. When we’re not so busy, we can hang out and do our thing (like bashing other people) together with Alyzza who’s definitely a PRO when it comes to bashing other people. HAHA.

We’re young, we still have a lot to see. The world is waiting for us. I just wish you good health and happiness for all time. May you be successful in any path you choose. Go on and touch other people’s lives like how you did with mine. Spread the sunshine.

I love you, dear friend (who happens to look like a Platypus). >:D<

Beautifully Yours,