Oct 13, 2009

for those in need of emotional support

I've noticed that some of my friends are down, just like me. But I have something for you,guys. And no, it's not a Niga Higa video. It's something new. Yay. Thank you, Danj, for sharing this one. :)

Just replace the word 'egg' or 'eggs' with your name. And pretend it's from me. :)

Click here.


mademoiselle said...

Ang cute! Nakakatuwa. HAHA.

Kabisado mo na naman siguro yan. LOL.

Alyzza said...
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Alyzza said...

Aww.. that's so sweet. I really love you so too, Joyce.

You know what, I even watched a video of someone making a cover for that song. Haha.

I'm hoping that next week, we won't be so down anymore. *HUG*

I'm actually eating hard-boiled eggs right now. I boiled them myself. Yay!

Erine.♥ said...

kasama ba ko dun? haha :) and, okay na ba yung comment form ko sa blog? :)

Joyce said...

@Gizelle- Ang cute di ba? Yup. Medyo kabisado ko na siya. :))

@Nemesis- A cover for that song?! Awesome. :)) Yeah, I'm hoping too.

I ate Rodic's heavenly tapsilog for lunch. So technically, I ate eggs for lunch. Yay. :D

@Philophobiac- Of course, you are. :D

effie said...

thank you joyce. :')


effie said...

thank you joyce. :)
it cheered me up. >:D<

Joyce said...

@effie- No problem. :D

Anonymous said...

word verification: worneuhr

If you call everyone in need of emotional support your "patients", I'll be the first one cured.

They look sinister though; it's like an egg invasion! HAHA. :))

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- Haha.Yay, I cured people! :))

They don't look sinister!! They're soo cute! Still, I admit. It's an egg invasion! :))