Apr 30, 2010

at laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

Yes, after so many months, I’ve decided to actually ‘revive’ my blog. One step I took is to change the layout because the previous one looked so emo and serious. It may make the readers think I’m an emotional and serious person which is definitely not true. My new layout kind of symbolizes me because…I don’t know. You guys tell me. I just picked this one because it reminds me of candy. Eating candies is one of my favorite things to do next to bullying.

You see, I’ve decided to revive this blog so as to keep my head from exploding. There’s just so much I want to tell you, guys, and they’re all inside my head. I just didn’t have, or still don’t, have the time and the will to do so. Right now I’m having summer classes, and it’s been the GC-est time of my college life so far because I suck at chemistry. I really have to push harder to make the grade. Yes, it means I do study every night.

Moving on, I revive this blog with one new simple rule for you guys to follow if you do want to live longer—or if you want to continue living with a complete set of vital organs.

Whatever you read from here stays here. You are not allowed to talk to me about whatever I will write in here personally, in facebook, or wherever UNLESS I was the one who started talking about it. Comment boxes have a purpose. Tell me what you want to tell me using those boxes.

That sounds awfully simple, right? My rule applies to just the contents of my blog (the posts, etc.) and not to the whole blog in general. You can face me personally and tell me, “Wow, your blog reminds me of the days when I still had my pancreas.” or something like that. However, you cannot walk up to me personally and say, “Your blog post last night was so dramatic that I almost had my rectum removed to share your pain.” Do you get it, guys?

Sorry for that rule, but I really feel awkward whenever people talk to me personally about my blog posts. What I post in cyberspace stays in cyberspace. It does not jump out of your computer screen and into your tongue for it to travel to my ears the next day.

So with that, I’m leaving. See you soon! :3