Mar 3, 2012

Why I Hate the Good

I hate good people.

Why? Because I think they're hypocrites. I think they're fake. I think they're doing these things to appear clean, and above everybody else. I hate them.

I believe that nobody is ever 100% good, and there's no use pretending that you are. I hate how other people idolize such beings, or how much these beings rub off their holiness into other people. People are people--not saints. 

So stop acting like every freakin' thing you do is for 'mankind' or whatever. Be real. 

I'd rather be friends with people who are mean, but true, than to be friends with a modern-day Jesus who's only motive is to please people.

Put a sock in it, sister.

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the bipolar stargazer said...

I remember having a Philo discussion about Good and Evil in one of our lectures. Well I agree with you that no one's 100% good, people can only "try" to be. But then I also believe that everyone has an innate goodness in them.

What I really hate is when people, after doing some good, condemn others for being evil as if they don't have their own shortcomings. That innate goodness - be it 50% or 25% - present even in the most evil criminals in the world should be enough to make "good" people realize that they're not the only one "trying". After all, the essence of goodness should also be reflected on other people, not just on one's self. :)