Mar 7, 2012

Vivere Libero

To live free.

Who doesn't want to?

To live free from all the restrictions. To be able to get a tattoo on your wrist without other people judging you or without other institutions banning your entry because of that simple form of self-expression immortalized on your wrist. To get away from the things that make you unhappy or the things that waste your precious time like sadistic and close-minded professors.To go on a road trip taking nothing but your clothes, your car, and enough gas for your car. To express your love for somebody without fear of being judged by society. To say things out loud without being labelled as blunt, rash, or arrogant. Ah, the things I've always wanted to do, but continue to remain in my reverie as the dreams for tomorrow when I gather up enough courage to live the life I've always wanted. 

But I'm pretty sure that someday, I will. 

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