Mar 3, 2012

Out of Place

I never thought it would happen to me, but yes, awkward as it was, it did.

I was sitting there, alone. They had their own group, they talked of their own experiences, while I painfully sought for any chance of entry into the conversation. It didn't come.

I started it on my own, but it died a natural death.

It was painfully awkward, but thanks for the night.
It was nice meeting you all. :)

Now I know that it's good I'm always friendly toward a 'new' person.

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the bipolar stargazer said...

I've also felt this a lot of times :)) Like no matter how hard I try to relate, I just can't feel their conversation. And then you try to come up with a new one but then they act as if they didn't hear you at all. =))

It's just a matter of learning how to be comfortable in your own skin (which can be hard at times) =))