Oct 27, 2011

Le Sem-ender

Because we had a MAJOR paper due last Tuesday, my group decided to stay at my place and wrap everything up. They intended to stay there for a night so that we can finish everything and submit the paper by afternoon of the next day. I thought it was just going to be one of those hellish cramming nights we all have had. But no, I was so wrong.

After finishing our paper on Tuesday afternoon, I had this brilliant idea of asking them if they wanted to stay for one more night there at my place. And they said yes.
Before eating Le Food by Kevin (Le Man)

Le Food

Group Disease (Water Edition)

Time and Activity Plan for Two Days

Before Scaring Our Guts Out with Coming Soon 

I have never been that genuinely happy in the company of friends for a long time. 

I miss them.

I miss the laughs, the music, Le Food, the laughs, the screams, the cries (Hi, Vane!), the swim, and everything else in between. I miss everything. I miss all that we did in those two days of being together. I miss you, Group D. Thank you so much for everything.

I love you all.

p.s. Remember when I told you guys that I had a better time with my previous group (Group E)? I take all that back. I'm in heaven when I'm with you, guys. ;)


Pikels said...

Grabe ka naman Joyce. Nababading na talaga ako sa group na 'to. Super enjoy din ako sa group meeting nating iyon! Xet talaga. Miss ko na din group D!!!

Anonymous said...


Joyce said...

@JIM: Yeah, nakaka-miss talaga. :( Oo nga e, pansin ko nga na nababading ka na. Well, we like it naman e. Keep it up. Haha.