Oct 19, 2011


We have this project in Humanities II where we are required to submit a work of art. By that, our professor meant any form of art such as a painting, a sculpture, or interpretative dancing to the tune of Lupang Hinirang (provided that you record it). Seeing that I have loads of talent *ehem* in the arts *more ehem*, I had to choose well. I have not drawn anything good lately, nor have I a piano nearby so I can play any of the pieces I know (with passion) and just record it in video. In the end, I chose to just submit photographs. To those who don't know, I'm now taking creative shots--whatever those are. I've been doing this since last year, but I haven't gone public about it. I have an account in deviantart that I'm keeping under a different name, and I don't upload my photographs in facebook or whatsoever. But if you've been quite loyal, maybe you've seen some of my works because I post them here from time to time (see previous post). Moving on, I went around shooting pictures just after I had passed my N105 papers (hell yeah!). I was planning to go to Paco Park since the place had so much potential. Unfortunately, IT RAINED! So I was stuck here. Thank God our amenities here look good and I managed to take fairly decent photographs. Now my dilemma is---I DON'T WANT TO SUBMIT THE PHOTOGRAPHS ANYMORE. I'm not backing out or anything. It's just that, I want to keep them to myself. I chose nine of my works and printed them on photo paper, and I had no idea they would look THAT good in print. 

Oh God, can I just have these for myself?

What you're seeing above are my nine favorite photographs. Maybe I'll post them one by one here and leave commentaries as to how they became part of my top nine. We'll see. Soon, after all the toxicity disintegrates.


Alyzza said...

Wow! I've been taking creative shot myself too. The few I post on Tumblr and the rest I just keep in our home desktop. I'm going back home (as in Muntinlupa) today and ohmy I can't wait to see you guys! I need my girls. I'm getting kinda sick with college guys. And let's take creative shots of us this time! Wear something nice. That would be fun =))

Joyce said...

Yay! We must. We shall. :)) I might go home tomorrow. I'm not really sure, though. We have lots to do pa. :( I AM SO EXCITED.I WANNA SEE YOU GUYS ALREADY. :((