Mar 11, 2013

"There's only you," she said.

“No, Peter, don’t leave yet.” Claire mumbled as she held Peter’s hand in the dark, under the sheets.

“I have to,” Peter mumbled back, “…we need the money.”

“I don’t.” Claire said as she drew closer to Peter, hugging him by the waist. “There’s only you.” Claire whispered to Peter’s ear.

Peter smiled, “There you go again, making it ever so hard for me to leave.”

“Well, does it work?” Claire asked, tightening her hold on Peter’s waist.

“No,” Peter answered back, “but you sure do make it easier for me to return. Until tonight, sweetheart” He stood up, got dressed, and headed to the door without a word, turning the lights off again as he went.

Upon hearing the sound of Peter’s car leaving the garage, Claire felt for her phone in the dark.

She’s got Ethan on speed dial.

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