Mar 11, 2013

I missed this

I read my niece's blog posts and they somehow inspired me to write again. It's been a long while, and I've actually been thinking of creating a new blog because, well, I just love new beginnings. And I'm just kidding.

I love the thought of starting over and not having people say "That's not you" or whatever. I just want to start anew because I just want to and I really feel that I'm no longer the same person who posted 80% of the posts found in this blog. People change. Feelings change. The price of gasoline changes. A chameleon's color changes. When you pay in excess, you get your change.

Moving on, I just told myself to "Hold yo (almost non-existent) tits" because in a few weeks or months time *crosses fingers* a new chapter in my life will really be commencing. I'm as excited as a pre-term baby, actually. I can't wait for that new chapter. I guess THEN will be the best time to create a new blog. So for now, stick around, this blog ain't going anywhere (Gosh, I sound so black!). I've been itching to type away my thoughts and feelings but I've been too busy. I still AM busy. Don't get me wrong. But now I guess I'm a bigger procrastinator than yesterday and I'm actually making time for this sort of things. Well, I'm only going to live once, right? Thus, I shall blog about it so that my future grandkids will be able to read my blog and know how awesomely sarcastic and conceited their grandmother is.

And yeah, I guess I actually missed this. 

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