Mar 11, 2010

IT just happened to me

According to a lot of my UP Manila seniors, IT is normal. IT happens to everybody in our campus, and IT will happen to me. I hate to admit it, but they’re right. In fact, IT happened to me just this afternoon.

I was on my way to school using my usual route. Normally, I just walk along Taft Avenue from Padre Faura to Pedro Gil. I’ve gotten so used to this route that I have almost memorized most of the stalls along Taft. Moving on, when I was a few meters away from the gate, IT happened.

It all happened so fast. I was just walking toward school and minding my own business. The next thing I knew, a guy was in front of me and he placed his grubby hand on my necklace as if trying to snatch it! I gave out a loud and ‘awkward’ scream (I had tonsillitis). Then he suddenly walked off like nothing happened. I was just…dazed. I didn’t have the will to run after him or anything. I was trembling. I just checked to see if my necklace was still there. And yes, it was. It was broken though because of that stupid snatcher’s pull. I quickly looked for the pendant, but it wasn’t hanging from the chain anymore.

A stranger approached me and asked me what the snatcher managed to take from me. I told him I lost my pendant. And then he muttered something as if to make me feel better, but I was too dazed to comprehend anything. I just ignored him, and quickly walked inside the safe confines of my school.

I tried to find my block mates. I found them in our tambayan, exchanging knock knock jokes. With my poor necklace in hand, I approached them. But I didn’t feel like telling them what just happened. I wanted my crew (Erin, Erine, and Audrei) to be the first ones to know. So after listening to one of Danj’s knock knock jokes, I left our tambayan. I went inside our college. I first went inside the restroom. And sorry for sharing this, but I looked inside my shirt to see if the pendant managed to fall inside of my you-know-what. And it was there!! Hooray! Long live the person who invented special undergarments for females!

I was somehow relieved, but still shocked.

I went upstairs. There I found Erine and Audrei. Finally, I had the power to tell my shocking story.

Shortly after that, I called Ken and informed him. After telling him everything, I greeted him, “Happy Monthsary!!” He greeted me back. And then we both realized how ironic it was.

Looking at the bright side, at least I didn’t really lose my necklace AND I didn’t get hurt. I never thought it would happen to me, though. I had so much faith in my vigilance. But this day was an exception, I guess. I had fever and was suffering from another drug overdose (Thank you, Erythromycin). If I were fit enough then, I could have kicked that guy where it would hurt him the most.


the bipolar stargazer said...

Did it hurt? The pulling? People who share the same story often get cuts and/or bruises in their neck. O_O

Shizz. That was scaryyy!! Fail pa yung pagsigaw mo. :)) What a perfect time to have tonsilitis! HAHA.

Anyways. Take extra care next time. >:D<
I'm glad he didn't get your pendant. ;) ;) ;)

Joyce said...

It didn't. Mataas kasi percentage ng gold sa necklace ko, so brittle siya. (Nagyabang pa eh) =))

Scary talaga! Fail talaga yung pagsigaw ko. I sounded like a man...sort of. =)))

I will. I won't wear anything that might attract too much attention. =))

Anonymous said...


grabe. i was shocked din about that. buti na lang i don't wear necklaces anymore.

and yeah. thank the guy who invented men's undergarment if that guy would get hurt where it hurts the most. hahaha.

next time be careful.
and yes. ps. happy monthsary.

Joyce said...

@Nicko: Medyo safe naman jan eh compared to Manila. =))

Oh yeah, I'll be more careful. :D Thanks. :D