Jun 19, 2011

Time to Grow Up

I still remember the day my Mom dropped me off at a day care center inside their (my mom and dad) office compound. I was hesitant, but I eventually agreed to let go and have her leave me there for a while. It went well at first. I was having fun with all the toys and all the videos until nap time came. I was allowed, or rather forced, to take a nap. I did. Eventually, I woke up crying. Crying because I thought my parents left the compound without me. I thought they were gone. I thought they went home already leaving me there in the day care center. 

Of course, they didn't. I was wrong. It was just a silly feeling that I had because I was not used to being away from them. It wasn't real. It was just a nightmare. How I wish it remained just that, unreal, a figment of my imagination. 

Today, everything changes. I really need to grow up now. My parents left for the states this afternoon, and I am left here--without them. I still have one of my sisters here in the Philippines along with her husband and child, but it's never going to be the same. I miss my Mom. I miss my Dad. It was really painful watching them leave me there at the airport. I hugged them both--hard. Then there they were past the gates waving at us. I cried, and cried. Nights before this fateful day, I cried myself to sleep. 

I think tonight's not going to be any different.


the bipolar stargazer said...

>:((< I don't know what else to say, Joyce. No matter how much of a nagger parents can be, I still think they're the best bunch of people here on earth and being away with them is really really painful. I feel sad whenever I have to leave home on a Sunday evening but then the thought of going home on a Saturday afternoon is what gives me strength to go on with the rest of the week.

2 years? 3 years? Just hold on to that certainty that you'll see each other again. Meanwhile, there are people here who are willing to make the wait bearable. >:D< You're a strong person, Joyce. And I admire how much your parents trust you. If I were in your shoes, I think my mom would never ever leave me alone unless she's sure that I can already feed my own stomach. :))

I think, in terms of maturity level, you are the first to learn how to stand on your own while the rest of us are still aided by baby walkers. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the first person to reach her goals as well. :) God bless! Stay strong! :D

Joyce said...

Awww.Thank you so much, Effie.>:)< Yes, I'm moving forward. I'm taking this as a challenge and as a chance for growth. Sooner or later, we'll all be flying with our own wings. I might as well start practicing now. It'll be hard, but I know I can make it especially because I know I have a great support system. :> I'm looking forward to our dates! :D