Jun 9, 2011


My Mom and I were alone at our living room watching this primetime show with a very lame title. While lying there on the couch, I started crying. Yes, I just started crying. I was crying because on the 19th, my parents will leave the Philippines and go to the land of milk and honey. Sad. She started comforting me by saying that it'll all be well in the end, and that someday all of us will be there. Once they leave, I'll be left here in the Philippines with my older sister and her husband and child. My two siblings, with their respective families, have all migrated to the states already. I'm going to be really independent from then on. I don't know how I should react.

So there, after that emotional episode I had, we went upstairs. My Mom wanted to sleep in my bedroom because there was something going on with my Dad. There she was on my bed watching TV while I had my back on the TV and was surfing the net. Suddenly, she came across a TV show regarding migration. The guy on the show said, "Ok lang naman mag-migrate pero dapat buo pa rin ang pamilya." Bingo. 

He went on and on about how great the value of the family is to us Filipinos and that we should remain solid as much as we can. 

Oh yeah. Someone's playing tricks on me. 

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