Jun 10, 2011

The Ram

Aries in any relationship is magnetic and intense, and others are drawn to these qualities.  The Aries individual prefers a strong partner and strong friends, but only those who are capable of giving the impression that Aries is in the lead.  Aries will be a loyal friend as long as the relationship keeps evolving and they feel that it is of benefit, but if they become bored or the relationship becomes stale, they will assuredly get out.  One who is in any relationship with an Aries should know when to push and when to back off and give the Aries some space.  Aries likes a challenge but pushing too hard will drive him off.  A sure-fire strategy with an Aries in any relationship capacity is to verbalize often that you find them smart and worthwhile, and that they are number one with you!  Remember, with Aries, the by-words are "me first!" 

Formspring's question for the day got me searching for the traits of an Aries. I came across this article describing an Aries in different settings like in a relationship, at work, etc. I was surprised because the article was pretty accurate. I tried reading up on other signs and they were pretty accurate as well (based on my experience with other people). 


the bipolar stargazer said...
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the bipolar stargazer said...

What's the site? :D I wanna know mine also!!!

I won't follow that new zodiac sign, I'm a Scorpio forever :>

P.S. Sorry if I keep deleting my comments, I got a typo on the first one =))))

Joyce said...

Here's the link to yours: http://www.mysticalblaze.com/AstrologyScorpio.htm

Yes, it doesn't affect us. The new set of zodiac signs only take effect on people born on 2009 and onward. :D

the bipolar stargazer said...

Parang ang dark naman ng description sakin. :))))))

"Scorpio in the workplace is the one with the office full of odd decorations with either no chairs for visitors or one chair that is hidden in a dark corner." =))))))))))

And medyo nasaktan ako dun sa "dwarf planet" ah. :| =)) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Joyce said...

Sounds true naman a. >:)