Jun 21, 2011

Day Two

To my surprise, I'm doing really well.

It's been two days since they left, and I'm back to my regular duties. I haven't cried so far. I guess I'm really recovering--fast. The thing is, I don't feel much of their absence when I'm here in Manila (as I said in my previous post) and it really helps to just think of them as being somewhere in Muntinlupa. My Dad even sent me a text message this morning. It doesn't feel too different compared to the old times when they were still in the same country as me. Yay for me, I'm progressing! I just hope it's true. I don't know what I'll feel when I go back home on Thursday. Maybe I'll just go back to square one. Then again, maybe just back to square three or four. 

Hey, look at this picture. 
Dad, Elaine (my niece), Mom carrying Rachel (my newest niece)
Cute, right? Knowing they're happy there and that they finally got the chance to meet the newest addition to our family made me feel so much better. And yes, Rachel (the baby) looks so much like me when I was young. It's like my Mom and Dad traveled to the past and found the younger me. Hahaha. 

I laughed so hard at school today because of a hundred different reasons, but mostly because of the epic cheers at N119. Thanks, batchmates. You made me feel better even if you didn't really intend to. :>


Alyzza said...

Hi, I can't comment much lately because I couldn't stay too long online.

Anyway, I hope you're okay although you look happy naman. Date soon?

Joyce said...

Date! Date! Date!