Jun 5, 2011

I Hated Boys

One big difference between the Joyce now and the Joyce back in high school is the fact that I used to hate boys.

I wasn't a total man-hater, but I can say that I only liked a few of them. By few, I mean really few. I only had a few male friends back then. By the word 'friends' I mean those people who were in constant interaction with me and those whose company I usually kept. And of course, I had a boyfriend (Hi, Ken!). I just acted casually with the 'other' boys, and I never really had conversations with most of them. Why? Because they couldn't! We had nothing to talk about, and they made as much sense as a conch shell. At first I thought the fault was within myself, but as I logged in to Facebook, I was reminded that it wasn't totally my fault.

Now in college, I have a lot of guy friends. They arrived as easily as my new 'girl' friends, and they stayed as well. I'm glad to say that I enjoy their company--a lot. It's different to how things were in high school. I guess I just 'connect' better to my newly found male friends than to those in the past. We love having conversations about stuff we're interested in, and they don't stupidly post repeating comments. I'm glad I met these people. They've proven that there ARE nice guys on earth and that they can be your friends--good and intellectual friends, too.

Some things never change, though, like IQ levels and senselessness. I'm just glad I'm no longer in high school.


the bipolar stargazer said...

"constantly repeat comments" =))
I can never understand the point of doing that. =))

Joyce said...

Yeah. Then I learned who was the first person to ever do that. I almost died. =))

the bipolar stargazer said...

WHO?! =)) Let's skin him alive.

Joyce said...

Don't! :)))

the bipolar stargazer said...

Sino to O_O