Sep 21, 2009

one liner

Love of my life, you've hurt me.


Anonymous said...

ang lungkot naman ng poem na ito. daming interpretations.

and take note: tonight is the autumn equinox. where the daytime ang nighttime become even.

but knowing that you made this, siyempre iba ibig sabihin. hope you're okay.

effie said...

namiss ko yung word verification mo, nicko. haha.

one liners are rich in meaning and very powerful. you need not to explain it, it's all there. :)

Alyzza said...

Aw. Is everything okay? Here, *HUG* :)

bluedolphin said...

Joyce? You alright? Anything I can do? :) *Hug*

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- Ummm...I have no idea about the equinox thingy. O_O Anyway, thanks. I'm kind of okay now. :)

@effie- Oo nga eh.Nakaka-miss din word verification ni Nicko. :)) I know. It's all there. Explanations are not necessary. :)

@nemesis- Yeah. Okay na. :) *HUG* Thanks. :)

@bluedolphin- I'm okay. Don't worry. :) Thanks, Ella. :)

Anonymous said...

waaaaawh. sorry talaga...hindi ko ginustong masaktan ka.
i love you.:-*

Anonymous said...

word verification: andalian (you've asked for it!)

The equinox thingy made me realize that I should write a fiction out of this experience.
Okay, good to hear it from you. :D

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- Andalian?! Are you sure you didn't make that one up?! :))

Anonymous said...

word verification: gastrall

you asked for it. it's coincidence, surprisingly.