Sep 8, 2009

happy tuesday

Tomorrow’s the big day, and I’m getting more and more nervous by the minute. You see, I still haven’t started writing my freaking speech for the debate. Well actually, I’m done with the ‘power’ opening (all thanks to Erin and Nicko). But that’s it. The rest of the speech is still swimming around in my head, and I have yet to collect it. I already know what I’m going to write, but with all the distractions (plus my laziness), I just can’t do it now. Anxiety just makes me crave for doughnuts.

Highlights for the day:

I managed to escape the Volleyball team tryouts.

Hooray for me! This month already has enough humiliation in store for me, and I do not want to ask for more. Imagine me, Joyce, a wimpy kid (there, I admit it) playing for the whole Freshman Assembly with everybody watching. Isn’t that a scary thought? Even Ken told me I was a lousy Volleyball player.

Joyce: Ken, lousy player ba ako sa Volleyball?

Ken: Ayos lang.


Ken:*panics* Me-me-medyo.

There, you see? I am lousy. T.T But I really wanted to come. If it wasn’t for my speech, I would have come. I wanted to know if I’d get in. I mean, college is the time for discovering new talents and exploring new places. What if all who tried out were just as lousy as I am? I guess I’ll never know until a new opportunity comes. Maybe in next year’s intramurals I’ll be given another chance.

I bullied someone who deserved to be.

Actually, my goal was to be nice to everybody, but this guy just kept on annoying me. I don’t want to get into the details anymore. Let’s just say I treated him like he was Nicko way back in High School. *evil laugh*

I realized something.

While eating fried dumplings with rice (my new favorite) in Chow King, I realized how sad it was to run out of food. I asked my friends if it was normal for someone to be sad when nearing the end of his or her meal. They said NO. I was teary-eyed then, and they were just laughing at me.

But it’s true! I want whatever food I’m eating to last forever. College has turned me into a glutton. It’s not my fault I have a really fast metabolism! Like what Sir Paguio said, “Katawang beauty queen, sikmurang kargador.”

I ‘accidentally’ kicked an innocent kitty.

It was accidental! I swear! It happened on our way to Math class. My friends and I were just walking with me leading the way. And then suddenly, it got in my way. I couldn’t stop walking anymore so it got kicked by my foot. It made this weird sound and ran to the side. I felt so sorry for the poor kitty. It was just looking at me, making me feel sorrier. I just said ‘sorry’ to the poor creature.

So there, all the things I managed to remember to somehow forget about tomorrow’s big event. Sigh. The things I do to procrastinate. This ends here. I seriously have to start working on my speech. I have to make sure the whole speech takes up seven minutes. Wish me luck, guys. Don’t forget to pray for me! Or else, I will haunt you forever! *evil laugh*


Anonymous said...

ok. you're very evil, a thing that a joyce personality can't change. :D

but i want to say how grateful i am for addressing me now as nicko. don't change it again. :D

hmmm... poor kitty kitty.

i know, someday, you will also be a good volleyball player. just keep practicing.

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics-Haha.I know, right? Of all people, I think you're the one who knows how EVIL I truly am. :))

Of course, Nicko. I'm a nicer person now. :)

I know. Poor kitty. :(

ME?!Become a good volleyball player?!T.T That's impossible.

Anonymous said...

hi! wah. ako na naman ang first na magtatagalog sa blog mo.:(
@ volleyball: di ka naman ganung ka lousy eh nakakatira naman ng malakas eh.tapos nakaka receive ka rin naman ng maayos.:)
GO Joyce! galingan mo dun sa debate na un! alam kong kaya mo yan!!:)
i love you!ü

kawawa naman ung pusa.:)) o? nag - sorry ka pa?:D

- ken

Joyce said...

@Ken-Awww.Thanks. Sus. Ngayon mo pa binawi yung sinabi mo. :))

Anyway, ayos lang kahit magtagalog ka.At sana ginamit mo na lang yung Name/URL para hindi ka anonymous. Kahit ano namang URL na lang ilagay mo dun eh basta may pangalan ka. :)

effie said...

dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. :D haha. they're also my favorite food *for now*. why? because they're cheap. haha. i also get sad whenever i finish my meal because i know i would have to wait for a day or so before i can eat another sumptuous meal [yes, i eat rice EVERY OTHER DAY. :(] i wish i can plant a money tree here.

good luck with your debate! :D

yeah, i can see you're a nicer person now. whatever. you're still my bestfriend no matter what. :)

Joyce said...

@effie- Dumplings are a gift from God. I mean, can you believe it? All for 49 pesos in Chow King?! That's too good to be true! :)) Btw, why do you eat rice every other day? That's so unlike you.


Really? I am nicer? Haha. Ok. Thanks. :)

You're still my best friend no matter what, too. :)

effie said...

because, i don't have enough money to buy 3 meals, each amounting to 75 pesos, everyday. :(
McSaver's Chicken Fillet--another gift from God. :DDD

Joyce said...

@Effie- Oh. Okay. I thought you're on a diet which is bad. Because you don't need it. *evil laugh*

I agree. All 50 peso meals are gifts from God! :))

Alyzza said...

Lols at your conversation with Ken. So did he really panic? Di he really say me-me-medyo? Bwahahahaha!

Err..I love dumplings.

Poor kitty. I remembered this "dog accident" earlier. I was on my way in a jeepney to the Math Bldg when all of a sudden I saw a dog whimpering and running away. It turns out that the jeepney hit his leg. Poor dog. What a reckless driver.

@effie You eat rice every other day?! Diet ah. Beat my record! I eat rice only on weekends. I can't eat tofu EVERYDAY and I can't eat buy meals EVERYDAY. One meal usually costs me 100PhP.

Lols at "the gifts from God". Bwahahahaha!

BTW, good luck Joyce!

Joyce said...

@nemesis- yup. He DID.

Everybody loves dumplings!!:)

Really? Poor dog. When I was walking along Faura one day, this kitten got ran over by a taxi. Not just the leg. The WHOLE thing. Blood spurted out from its mouth, and we just felt sorry for it. It happened the exact moment I pointed at it to show it to my friend. :(

Btw, thanks. :)

radioactivesamurai said...

Waha, nakakatuwa reaction ni Ken!! Don't worry, Joyce. I feel your pain. *has yet to experience getting a service shot to actually BE a working service shot*

I used to do it like Effie since I wanted to save for a tablet, but after that, I started eating rice one or two times a day but I never live one whole day without it. I agree with Effie... Food is very expensive...

POOR CAT!!! ;___;

Effie@ ISO tayo minsan!! XDD

Joyce said...

@kriselle- T.T We share the pain.

Really? Does food there have gold or something? Anyway, just stay healthy. Take vitamins! I do. Centrum is good. :)

Poor cat. I know. T.T

Anonymous said...

@Joyce - Do you know the "Happy Mondays" promo of Chowking? I always go there with people since every Monday, they declare it a holiday. :D

Hey, unexpected things can happen. See, I got an A on a paper I thought would flunk. Seriously, try practicing.

McDo Chicken Fillet = Room 305 staple dinner. Haha. Really a gift from God. I do get the same feeling over finishing meals. The ones left were trying to say that your eating pleasure is about to end.

@Kriselle - I presumed that you will be so pitiful over the cat.

And, I take Cecon, it's good for the immune system. Or maybe because I just lack Vit. C. :))

Joyce said...

@pyrotechnics- I know that promo.:)But the promo ended too soon. T.T

Unexpected things CAN happen. See? It got postponed. :))

Your food talks to you?!