May 11, 2010

for bitter people

If you guys love GIBO so much, why don't you just marry him?

Seriously, there's nothing else you can do. Give whoever won a chance. I am not a fan of Binay, but I'm not ranting or showing any bitterness against him. Please, if you really are smart, act like you are. Or at least, pretend to be. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


siguro ito na lang ang sasalba sa pagiging 17 ko pa rin - i'm apathetic, still.

siguro tama rin ang sinabi mo about this, lalo lang nawawala ang mga tao sa sobrang slacktivism.

the bipolar stargazer said...

SHIZZZZ. I posted something about the elections too! Sobrang nakakaasar yung mga taong nagsasabing magmimigrate na lang sila kaysa tumira sa Pilipinas. :| Wala silang kwenta. Personally, I think Gibo is the best presidential candidate. But having Noynoy as our president is not bad either. Naapektuhan lang talaga ako na mas nakalaban niya pa si Erap sa botohan kaysa kay Gordon, or Gibo, or MANNY VILLAR. ERAP WTF. :| :| :|

Alyzza said...

Gibo fan din ako but while I was looking at the partial results updates, I knew he couldn't stand a chance. Personally, I'm so glad Noynoy won. I mean, would we like to be under Erap's regime AGAIN?! Come on, people.

And yeah, to those who wish to migrate, go ahead. We don't need people who won't cooperate with our leaders.

Di rin ako Binay fan. Haha.

Joyce said...

@Nicko: Yeah.

@Effie: I know. Nakakaasar sila. Lalo na yung mga pinapamukha pa na bobo raw ang mga tao for choosing Noynoy. I voted for him, because I believe in him and I think he's the best choice. So does that make me dumb as well?

I don't know. Karamihan pa man din ng nakikita kong ganun mag-react, minors. So now I see what separates those who can't and those who can vote. Kaya pala 18 ang cut off. =)) They're too narrow-minded e. To hell with them. =))

And about Erap, yeah, I don't believe it either. =))) Some people just don't get it. But I thank him for dividing the votes meant for Villar. That was actually his purpose. Macoconfuse yung mga mahihirap, "OMG, who am I gonna vote for? They're both for mahirap people like us!" LOL.

@Alyzza: About the Erap thing, read my reply to Effie. :))

Yeah, let them migrate. We don't need people like them in our country.

I don't like Binay, actually. I USED to like him, but hearing accounts from my 'Makati' friends changed my opinion about him. But let's just see. Everything happens for a reason, anyway. :)

Alyzza said...

"OMG, who am I gonna vote for? They're both for mahirap people like us!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Natawa talaga ako dito.

Joyce said...

@Alyzza: Ha! You're making fun of the mahihirap people!=)))

Unknown said...

pretend to be smart... PANALO! :)) subukan ko nga yan... :))