May 11, 2010

chewy tuesday

It looks like I’m running out of endless love… :(

No, literally.

Today, contrary to what I expected this day to be, turned out to be pretty…happy AND surprising. At school, we were all very hyper came our Organic Chemistry makeup class. And no, we were not rejoicing because we were enjoying the subject itself. We were quite active because we couldn’t understand much. Or was it just me? LOL. All I can say is that our makeup class for Organic Chemistry this afternoon turned out to be fun. Our instructor’s so great. I just hope I can make my test scores higher just to prove to her that she really is doing a good job. That is, if I can ever get a higher score in Organic Chem.


I was in the kitchen when I heard my phone ringing. It was Ken! Of course, I was shocked. We haven’t talked since Sunday because of some circumstances! Quickly, I answered the phone. He told me that he was on his way to Astral. I asked him why, and he just told me that he had nothing else to do so he wanted to drop by. So I said, “Okay.” He wanted me to meet him at KFC. So I did. I went down there feeling nervous because his voice sounded grave. Trembling, I made my way down.

When I got to KFC, he wasn’t there yet. So I took one of the tables near the window so I could see him once he arrives. So there, after a few minutes, I saw him coming. I stared at him, but he was avoiding my gaze. Then, I grew really nervous. When he got in:

Me: O, bakit ka nandito?

Ken: Nakakainis ka kasi e.


Ken: Hindi ka mawala sa isip ko.

And then we talked about all the misery we had to go through without each other.

We ate dinner after.

So there, we realized we couldn’t live without each other. And that was the end of our cool off. LOL.

To all my friends: Tatum, Effie, Gizelle, Erin, Lou, Alyzza, Riel and all the other people who helped me get through, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all. :-*


mademoiselle said...

I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! >:D< I knew that this one's going to be like the other one. Very much the same. Haha. You guys just need to miss each other for a while, and then realize that you can't be apart. :D

Anyway, I'm so glad to talk to you that way, you know, so happy and all that. But I'll always be here if you need someone you can talk over the phone or in person. You know I love you. >:D<

the bipolar stargazer said...

YEHEYYY!! Sabi na tuloy pa yung fiesta sa September 11. >:) :)))))

Congrats! :D The next time it happens again (THOUGH I'M SERIOUSLY HOPING THERE WON'T BE ANY NEXT TIME), have faith laaaang. :) It will turn out well in the end. \:D/

God bless! :D

Anonymous said...


Happy, happy, chewy cheeseday? haha.

Yeah. Just keep 'em going. :D

Alyzza said...

Aww..I love you too, Joyce. >:D<

Okay na rin kami. I guess we'll be celebrating at Coffee Bean. :D

Joyce said...

@Gizelle: Awwww. Thank you so much. Thank you for always being there for me. >:D< I love you too. >:D<

@Effie: Anong fiesta?!=))

Sana nga hindi na maulit. =)) Pero kung maulit man, sige, I'll have faith. Thank you so much, Effie. >:D<

@Nicko: Wala akong maisip na title eh.=)))))))

@Alyzza: Awww, buti naman! Yay, at least hindi na tayo mag-iiyakan sa coffee bean.=))) 'cause we're all happy!!!!! >:D<