Dec 29, 2011

My Dugout

Because I was inspired by Ms. Una Buendia's blog post about cleaning her room, I did some of my cleaning too. But since I'm not really artsy with the tangible stuff, and because I'm a lazy donkey during breaks, I didn't give my room much of a makeover like what I said in my previous post about my Christmas agenda. But, be my judge. I'll be posting pictures of my room both before and after the 'cleaning'. Just don't expect much, ok?Haha.

So this is what you see first when you open my blue door.

My bed.


Some of my books.

Photos and other books.


My niece's study desk (they placed it here because she studies in my room most of the time).

MY desk.

Clothes on top of a keyboard.

Le floor.

My favorite medal. HAHA. Found it along the mess. =))

My 'fixed' bed plus Louie. :D

HA! Big difference from before, huh?

Not much changed. Sorry.

I can use my desk now!

See the torrents?:))

I can also use the keyboard now that it's visible and usable. 

So there you go, you've seen my dugout before and after I 'cleaned' it. I admit, it's more comfortable to be inside it now that it doesn't look like a refugee home anymore. I'm planning on adding stuff to it like a wall where I can post stuff and some more stuff to hang on the walls. I guess that will be done on my summer vacation. See you! :)

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