May 20, 2012

because tweeting about it is never enough

If you're following me on Twitter, or if you're a Facebook contact of mine, you probably already know about my stand on the Lady Gaga issue that's hitting the religious community like an anti-Christ. 

First of all, I'd like to admit that yes, I am a fan. Not so big a fan, but the admiration is there. Not only of her music or the out-of-this-world music videos am I a fan of. I'm also a fan of what she stands for and, of course, of who she really is behind all the make up--and the meat. 

When she first became mainstream here in the Philippine music scene, I was not aware for those were the days when our cable was problematic and listening to the radio wasn't an option. That was the time when I was still drowning in OPM and Taylor Swift. Poker Face didn't really tickle my fancy for I didn't really have a thing for party/dance songs or whatever you call those ridiculously upbeat and infectious songs (though I still don't listen to such up to now). But it was when I heard more of her that I became a fan. I enjoyed listening to her songs and watching her videos despite the criticism for her utterly bold ideas. I enjoyed watching her perform live on award shows because doing so just leaves me in awe. I enjoyed looking at pictures of what she wore on the red carpet. Most often than not, all eyes were on her because of her outlandish ideas for a dress (e.g. the meat dress). But it wasn't until Born This Way and You and I that I acknowledged myself as a true-blue fan. 

And now, as a fan of hers, I think it's time that I lay out all my cards for her. 

People who think of her songs as satanic or evil are probably just deaf or mentally retarded. I heard somebody on the TV who's against Lady Gaga performing here in the Philippines say that the song Born This Way is actually about encouraging people to be criminals. First of all, Born This Way, for me, is one of her best songs so far. It's about being proud of who you really are regardless of race, appearance, sexuality, etc. It's not about killing people or pillaging villages! It's about being comfortable in your own skin, and accepting others who are also different. It's about not giving a damn about what others may say just because you don't fit in this cookie-cutter society. It's about finding beauty within yourself and letting it shine. It's about self-acceptance. It's about loving every inch of ourselves. It's about our freedom to be ourselves. In the society that we live in, people are easily judged by their appearance, color, or their sexual preference. I believe that this song speaks to those people who have been ripped off of their freedom to truly be themselves. Unfortunately, those moralists don't believe in this and would rather have citizens who are judging, scared,  and are feigning heterosexuality. 

Born This Way is just one of her songs that have been misinterpreted by those moralists. My message to these moralists is to not take things literally. Just because the song was titled Judas doesn't mean it forces you to worship Satan or to be a modern-day Judas. 
Then there's the exposure issue. They think it's immoral that she goes on stage almost naked and covering only her lady parts. Well, these moralists have definitely not gone to Boracay nor have they watched shows like Wowowee where women wearing skimpy clothes are dancing in the background most of the time. And my message, again, to these moralists is a quote from Vice Ganda, "Ang maduming isipan ang nagbibigay ng maduming kahulugan sa isang salita." To a dirty mind, anything is malicious--even a harmless little bunny. 

In addition, nobody is forcing those moralists to watch the concert. If they think it's too "evil", then they shouldn't watch it, and just leave the floor to those who are dying to see her perform live--just like myself. But unfortunately, I don't have the time and, sadly, the money. 

I can go on all night saying what I have to say about this issue, but I think that this post might end up too long to be interesting. As a conclusion, what I would like these moralists to know is that there are always two sides to any story. This goes the same with people. Just because she names one of her songs Judas or just because she wears skimpy clothes to her concerts does not mean she worships the devil. Don't they know how charitable Lady Gaga is? Don't they know that she always prays backstage before her performances? Come on, moralists, if you're really the "holy warriors" that you claim you are, why are you doing this to one of your sisters? She's also a daughter of God just like everybody else. 

Do good, "they" say. But truth be told, what "they" are doing is nowhere near that. Look who's the devil now.

I'm a fan, and I support her. I may not be in the concert physically, but I'll always be one of her little monsters. 

Thank you, Lady Gaga, for entertaining us with your music and for giving us the courage to be ourselves. I hope to see you someday. It may be in another country when I'm old enough or when I'm "loaded" enough to dole out some cash for a VIP ticket. I just know it. 

I just know that someday, I'll be on the edge of glory, too. 


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Wala bang like button dito.haha mahusay! I love you!:-*

Joyce said...

^I love you too :)) Thanks! :)