Apr 23, 2011

flowers for you

My parents are watching what looks like a soap opera marathon. The title of the soap opera, you don't want to know. Well anyway, I was forced to watch it as well since they won over our living room TV. In fact, as I type this post, I'm listening to it. But let's just get to the point, shall we?

I happen to have a glimpse of the events in the show, and I saw a guy giving a bouquet of flowers to his 'main squeeze'. It happened not only once, but thrice in the same episode. Each involved different pairings. So something entered my mind.

I was reminded of the people who always emphasize that they don't want to receive flowers on v-day or on any other occasion since, according to them, it's not 'practical'. I'm not one of those people. I love receiving flowers! They may not be really useful afterwards (unless you want to beautify your room), but the beauty of the bouquet and the feeling one gets when receiving even just a single long-stemmed rose are priceless. It makes you feel more beautiful and appreciated...or something like that. Well, not just that. There's more to it, and I just can't explain it. I guess you really have to receive flowers first to know how it feels.

We are all allowed to express our opinions about things. And in my opinion, those people who are openly against receiving flowers have probably never gotten any ever since they were born.

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