Aug 1, 2012

bum life

It's our accidental free week because our professor has business outside of the college for the whole week. Yahoo. No, not exactly. Because it means that we have to go on duty next week instead of having a free week before we make our transition into Psysch nursing. Oh well, at least I get to enjoy this weather which is kinda erratic, actually. Moving on, I've been bumming around and not minding my responsibilities. I even coerced my roommates into watching The Healing today. So yeah, I'm really enjoying not having anything to do, or, simply ignoring the things that I have to do. Cheers to the bums out there. Yay! And sorry if I sound like a surfer. I can't seem to write intelligently as of the moment considering that I'm a bum. A legit bum. 

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