Nov 17, 2011

To One Who Hates Group Hugs

I tried to run after you, but then I remembered you wouldn't want me to, anyway. You were never one to be touchy and sappy.

I also didn't know what to say, for I myself have never been the one to give comforting words. So here I am, dedicating this post to you, my dear friend. 

I was in a state of shock when it happened. Sad, I really was. Tears just started falling. And I still couldn't, still can't actually, accept the fact that you'll no longer be with us in early morning duties and late nights in the community. I was really feeling uneasy when our group received the news that we had to say goodbye to one of our group members. If possible, I wanted to just go down on my knees and plead just to avoid having to go through such a difficult event. But, of course, we had to because we had no choice (as always). 

I'm definitely going to miss our little 'concerts'. I'm also going to miss your words of wisdom. Do you remember that time in Ward 1 when I was feeling down and you cheered me up with your words? I'm also definitely going to miss hearing your sometimes, if not always, 'foul' jokes. Haha. And of course, you were always the one who I easily got along with in the group because you're so much fun to be with. 

I know it's not really goodbye. We'll still be seeing each other whether in school or in the vicinity of our school. You were probably one of the reasons why our group always had a great time. You always had funny ideas and you even cooked for us (despite the hotdogs being edematous and all). We can always have other UBEs. I know things won't change. You're still one of us. Maybe not in the clinical areas, or so, but you'll always be part of the group. Always.

Thank you so much for the friendship. I know it wouldn't end here. We're still friends, right? You, me, plus the  eight other people who enjoyed basking in your sunlight. Here's to all the great times our group had. 

You will definitely be missed. 

Here's a virtual hug to you. >:D< 

Sorry. :))


Pikels said...

Joyce. Ngaun ko lang na feel na ganito ako na aappreciate. Xet. Salamat talaga!!! Don't worry. Magpapatuloy tau. Indefinitely. Salamat sa virtual hug. Masyado na akong naging emotional pero nahila mo ulit ako pabalik sa threshold ng pagiging humbled ng words mo. I won't let the group down. Salamat.

Joyce said...

Buti naman at na-appreciate mo ang kadramahan/kabaklaan na ito. Wah. Grabe.Nakakahiya. :)) Still, buti na lang at Group D ka pa rin! Mababakla ka na ng tuluyan!!! :))))