Aug 18, 2011


It's just a waste of time, but I'm in it anyway. 
                                    -Waiting for the Bus

Toxicity is setting in. At this point, I'm not really as toxic as most of my batchmates. My time will come on October. Still, I can't help it. I can't love what I'm doing.

Don't get me wrong. I'd love to be a nurse. I'd really enjoy taking care of people and handling medicine plus other things. But what they're doing to us now is just not what I was expecting.

I just want to learn. I just want to be prepared for my future.

I don't want to kill myself with irrational requirements.

The pressure is killing me.

I have no way out. 


the bipolar stargazer said...

It will all be over soon don't worry >:(< Don't look way too ahead of you, it's easier if you figure out first how to survive a day. You'll be surprised then that you're already at the end of the week. :) Like what our Marketing prof told us last JTA sem, we might be whining about the pressure right now but after a year or two, we'll just look back and laugh at those experiences that made us who we are right now. These experiences, no matter how hard and insurmountable they might seem, will make us swell with pride someday knowing that we survived during those hard times. I'll pray for you BFF. And you can always rant to me, you know. :) God bless!

Joyce said...

Awww. Effie. Thank you so much. >:D< I know, it'll be worth it in the end, but I just can't stand it anymore. It's not like your situation wherein you really liked how it would end. I don't really like where this is all going. I'd rather be elsewhere. But then again, I can go 'elsewhere' when it's all over. Oh God, I just want to graduate now. NOW. Huhuhu.