Jul 30, 2011


So finally, I decided to cut my hair short. First, I wanted to do this because it would be easier for me to tie short hair into a bun for our duty days instead of my usual thick and long hair. Second, I just want to feel...carefree. Thank God for all the positive feedback I got from people around me. I'm really enjoying my new hair. It may be messy MOST of the time, but it suits me well. I feel great with my hair. It's more like ME now. I don't need to maintain it so much, since I don't really care anymore. I'm happier, too. To hell with expensive hair treatments. I don't need straight hair to feel beautiful. Hahaha. There, I'm keeping it short and wavy. 


Anonymous said...


And yeah, I forgot to tell you that your hair's cool.

Joyce said...

Wow, long time no see. It's been a long time since I've seen you here. Hahahaha.Anyway, thanks. :D